Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise and dates back to the pre-Vedic era. The primary purpose of yoga is to increase the physical as well as the mental and spiritual energy levels to work with more natural function. This also has a uniting effect on the body and mind, thus giving a person the benefits of being in sync with the physical and spiritual well-being. Yoga revolves more on asanas or definitive postures as physical exercise along with breathing exercises called pranayama. The combination of both the techniques creates an inflow of positive energy and improves the physical attributes while keeping complete control in calming the mind.

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While some may raise their eyebrows, benefits of yoga during pregnancy is innumerable. A pregnant woman though needs to consult a proper yoga teacher; there are almost no side effects for performing the pranayama or breathing exercise. The different postures that are advised help a lot in strengthening a few areas of the body in particulars which needs to take the maximum rigors of the childbirth.

Proper asanas can produce a huge impact on the abdomen, pectoral regions, legs, and belly. These provide a toughening action for the muscles, tendons and ligaments in that particular area and make them more suitable for handling the physical extremities of labor pains. Also, the body begins to adapt to the new conditions with an increased flexibility that is necessary for a female body for twisting and twitching that is often associated with childbirth.

defcfscThere are some mental aspects to consider as well. With the delivery date approaching, a woman tends to have more mood swings, with a craving for different types of things. Depression and frustration are the other two major side effects. Pranayamas or breathing exercise relaxes the mind and helps a woman to handle all these things. The mind became calmer and focused. Even in some cases, the initial bonding between the mother and unborn child gets stronger. All these physical and mental synchronization is essential to go through the childbirth process safely and with minimum labor pains.

Other than all these key benefits of Yoga, there are instances where yoga provides proper and extensive good results in dealing with nausea, gas problem and other abdominal problem. The effects of yoga to take care of the physical and emotional trouble of woman should be well researched and decisive step, but if accepted it does a whole lot of good for the would-be a mother.