Signs Of Dehydration

All living beings require water to survive. Dehydration is a broad subject and its consequences for any living being can be fatal if not corrected.

Water is vital to the body, for it to properly function. Water accounts for approximately three-quarters of overall body mass and is found within its cells.Dehydration occurs when our bodies tend to use up more water (maybe by sweating, exhaling out humidified air, peeing, and bowel movements), than we ingest (through taking fluid and water contained in the food we eat).Watch out for these signs of dehydration.


Often, thirst is confused for hunger. People needlessly eat instead of drinking. It is because the section of the brain that registers hunger also records thirst. You should know how to differentiate thirst fro hunger.Hunger comes gradually, while thirst is sudden.Sudden hunger should be taken as thirst and a glass of water should be taken.

Sudden Sugar Cravings

The shortage of water decreases the liver’s release of glycogens needed for energy. The brain conveys this as sugar craving signals.Sudden cravings should be met by drinking water or having a snack with a high water content.

Dry Skin

While a good cream may keep your skin moisturized, only a proper fluid intake will prevent your skin from drying due to dehydration.


When physically active, these are excellent indicators that you are dehydrated.muscles are over 70% water, and you lose fluid when you sweat.It also depletes potassium sodium and levels and besides water, an energy drink may be prescribed.

Dry Mouth And Smelly Breath

Salivary glands utilize water to create saliva when water is low in supply; the production is reduced significantly, resulting in a dry mouth. The absence of saliva and warm conditions encourages bacteria presence which results in bad breath.

Headaches And Dizziness

xsffxA fluid sack exists enveloping the brain and protecting sudden impacts from blows.When the fluid sack’s liquid level is significantly low, severe headaches occur, and also, when dehydrated your blood pressure tends to decrease, making you dizzy. Some people even undergo disorientation.

Reduced Sweat

If your body can’t produce sweat, when busy or even during a hot day, then you are dehydrated.You should take lots of water or fluids.

Dark, Smelly Urine

Urine is supposed to be clear or light yellow in color.If your urine is dark or has a pungent smell, you are suffering from dehydration.Some medicines may change the color of your urine but to a deep yellow color, and not a dark color.


Enough water is required for a successful bowel movement, if dehydrated, constipation will occur.Being hydrated also assists the intestines in absorbing nutrients from digested foods.