How to treat vaginal irritation

A lot of women are experiencing vaginal irritation. It can cause great discomfort especially if it is accompanied by swelling and burning sensation. This condition can affect women of all ages, and if left untreated, it can affect your body systems and result in more severe health conditions.

Therefore, it is very important that you seek help immediately if you have a vaginal irritation, and you suspect that you are suffering from yeast infection.

Treatment for vaginal irritation

Before you can actually treat a vaginal irritation, you have to identify the main cause. Is it something that you got from having sexual intercourse? Or is it due to wearing tight underwear and pants? Perhaps it is also because of your diet. All of these can significantly affect the natural flora in your vaginal tract.


Natural antifungal treatments

Natural antifungal ingredients have been proven to be effective in fighting yeast infection. You can take in virgin coconut oil, apply yogurt to your genital area, and even utilize a homemade suppository that contains mashed garlic. Another way is to add tea tree oil to your warm bath.

Change your lifestyle

Vaginal irritation can also be addressed by changing your lifestyle. Stay away from scented vaginal products, synthetic underwear, and tight pants. You also need to avoid positions and activities that can cause excessive sweating in your private parts as this will trigger the fungus to grow again.

Maintain a healthy diet

Your food intake can cause vaginal irritation too. If you stick to foods that have high starch or sugar content, you are most likely to suffer from a yeast infection. The best thing for you to do is include non-starch food to your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be your best option.


Practice proper feminine care

There is no better way to keep your vagina healthy than to observe proper feminine care. As what was previously mentioned, scented products are not advisable. So, it is better for you to go for mild soap and feminine wash; those that are made with all-natural ingredients.

After engaging in sexual activities, it is highly recommended that you wash your genitals thoroughly. When you use the bathroom, you need to wipe from front to back.

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